Tie Dye Fun!

Last weekend we had some real fun with tie dye! The Glam Girls, along with Kaden, the crafty 5 year old brother. And when I say crafty, I do not only mean with paint and glue! We set up shop in the backyard (no dyeing allowed in the house) and went to town tying and dying. Take a look at our creations from start to finish below. We used this tie dye: Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit™;  these dyes are always super easy to use with the best color quality, wash after wash!! Our fun, crafty Saturday looked like this:

Kaden adding color!

Kaden's shirt
Collette's shirt

Imara's shirt

Imara wearing her shirt to school!
(Kaden is wearing his in the background!)

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