Tie Dyed Socks!!

glam girl Imara made these great tie dyes socks and we thought we would share with you. WHat do you do when you have too many boring white socks? Dye them and make them FUN! Here is a simple tutorial that you can use the next time you are tired of wearing the same old white socks. Enjoy!

What you'll need:
Tulip tie dye kit
White socks (made with over 50% cotton)
Surface cover (we used a trash bag)

Step 1: Rubber band your socks where you want them to remain white.

Step 2: Fill your dye bottles with water and squirt all over the fabric. Be sure to flip the socks over so you get both sides.

Step 3: Wrap them up in the plastic and let them sit for 3-4 hours.

Step 4: Rinse the socks out and take off the rubber bands.

Step 5: Wash your socks by themselves in the washer on cold on a large load setting. Dry them by hanging or in the dryer.

Tah-dah!! You have just added some personality to your socks. Now get out there and show them off!!


Amazing Art by Katie Daisy

I stumbled upon some beautiful and inspiring pieces of art on Pinterest (my addiction... if you visit the site you will never be able to leave!) and they are so bright and uplifting, I wanted to share with you. This is by an artist named Katie Daisy, check her out, you will love her illustrations. Good night!