DIY Luau Birthday Cake!!

In addition to crafting, we love to cook, bake, throw parties... anyway the the glam girls can express themselves, we are there!

Just thought we would share a recent cake baking and decorating venture we decided to try, and to say so ourselves... it turned out pretty good! We made a yummy strawberry filled white cake decorated to look match the luau theme the party was. Since it was for the little man in our house, we had to included a shark in the water! We were inspired by a luau cake we saw http://www.kidsbirthdaycake-s.com/. We also made cupcakes topped off with their own umbrellas.

The party was a hit!


DIY Baby Shower Card

Looking for a quick and and crafty solution for a DIY baby shower card? The glam girls have you covered! All you need are a few items to create your own handmade, one-of-a-kind card.

Here are the supplies I used:
Blank card
Aleene's Glue Stick and/or Tacky Glue (I used both)
Embroidery yarn
Circle stencil
Marking pen
Buttons x 2
Scrap fabric

Trace a circle onto your piece of scrap fabric and cut out.

Trim a about a quarter of the fabric away to make the baby stroller.

Cut a piece of your embroidery yarn and glue to the card making the legs of the stroller.
Adhere the string (legs) and the scrap fabric (stroller) to the front of the card. Then use Tacky glue to adhere the buttons (wheels)

Add your personalized note to the moomy-to-be inside and you are done! Please share pictures of your DIY cards, we'd love to see them!


Costumes for the School Play, 2011

Reagan Elementary "We Are Monsters" cast with writer Denver Casado.

Each year for the past three years, I have been lucky enough to be the costume manager for glam girl Imara’s school musical productions. Some people think I am crazy (50+ costumes, 2 ½ weeks) but I LOVE IT! My only complaint is that I wish I had more time! I always have ideas and sketches of what I want to do, but 2 ½ weeks is a short amount of time, and especially so when I work a 40+ hour week… . Needless to say, my ideas get cut short, but the outcome always seems to work. When the students love it, that is what matters. Those kids don’t have a filter and the truth always comes out, so when they are happy, I am happy!
This year they performed in the California debut of “We Are Monsters”, directed by Pete Van Der Paardt, and written in part by an alumnus of our school district, Denver Casado. He actually had two musicals debut this fall and both were just wonderful!
The premise of “We Are Monsters” is as follows:
Two gargoyles are emceeing the annual Monster Cabaret, where the monsters are free to just be themselves and perform to their heart’s content, without fear or judgment from humans. Four humans, however, sneak into the monster world to uncover the hidden lair of monsters and reveal it to the world! The human dress in poor disguises (which is hilarious) and the comedy ensues! The monster world is filled with werewolves, vampires, gargoyles, and one slime monster. Not to give too much away, in case you have the pleasure of seeing it, it ends happily, and is filled with a ton of comedy (that gains real laughter from adults) amazing music and songs. If you have the chance to see it or have the chance to produce it at your school, I highly recommend it!
Well, here is a quick glimpse of some of the costumes from the show – most of these are after the performance, so makeup is a bit messy, but you will get the idea.  I cannot wait for next year’s show!


Obsession with signs!

I am slightly obsessed with funny signs, strange signs, etc... I like to take pictures of interesting signs and have collected a few to share with you. In addition to my own pictures, I also saw some on Pinterest (another obsession of mine!) that I thought might make you giggle or go hmmm over. The stop sign and the 'window to the wall' sign were found on Pinterest.
Most of these I took in the UK and were quite interesting. Instead of yield, the signs said "Give Way", a term we had to get used to. Another one was a men's restroom for people walking down the street - you would never know it's there (especially since it was down through an underground staircase!)but there were these signs along the sidewalk identifying them. Or in London, a blue bin, not exactly a sign, but interesting nonetheless. Located by a mailbox and trash can, there was this big blue bin with the words "knife bin" on it. I never found out what that was for. If you have any idea, please clue me in! Anyway, I hope you enjoy, I know I did!


Tie Dyed Socks!!

glam girl Imara made these great tie dyes socks and we thought we would share with you. WHat do you do when you have too many boring white socks? Dye them and make them FUN! Here is a simple tutorial that you can use the next time you are tired of wearing the same old white socks. Enjoy!

What you'll need:
Tulip tie dye kit
White socks (made with over 50% cotton)
Surface cover (we used a trash bag)

Step 1: Rubber band your socks where you want them to remain white.

Step 2: Fill your dye bottles with water and squirt all over the fabric. Be sure to flip the socks over so you get both sides.

Step 3: Wrap them up in the plastic and let them sit for 3-4 hours.

Step 4: Rinse the socks out and take off the rubber bands.

Step 5: Wash your socks by themselves in the washer on cold on a large load setting. Dry them by hanging or in the dryer.

Tah-dah!! You have just added some personality to your socks. Now get out there and show them off!!


Amazing Art by Katie Daisy

I stumbled upon some beautiful and inspiring pieces of art on Pinterest (my addiction... if you visit the site you will never be able to leave!) and they are so bright and uplifting, I wanted to share with you. This is by an artist named Katie Daisy, check her out, you will love her illustrations. Good night!


An Apron for Mom!

by: glam girl Collette

My sister and I have a crafty little business - official launch and details to come later... but, take a look at this little apron we made for our wonderful mom!