Costumes for the School Play - #3

So, the costumes are coming right along! There is still quite a bit more to complete, but with a lot of the tedious things complete, I am thinking that the rest will move pretty quickly. I want to share some photos with you of the progress, so I hope you enjoy!

For the two girls playing the role of the flute, I made a simple A-Line dress out of satin in a silver color.

Next, I positioned the flute "keys" out of silver lame fabric where I thought they would belong. 

Lastly, I adhered the silver lame fabric to the satin using Aleene's Fabric Fusion

This is a picture of the piccolo that was made in the same fashion as the flute, but with black cotton as the base. Hanging from the neck is the silver lame headband that the student playing this role will wear. 

And here is a picture of the drum, gong, and tambourine:

I am finishing up the costumes for the students' playing the "violin" so I will add that tomorrow. Until then, stay crafty!!


Costumes for the School Play - #2

Life has been super busy... completely nonstop for the glam girls!! Dress rehearsals start this week, and with just receiving the full cast list earlier this week, we are in RUSH mode trying to whip together costumes for over 50 students!
The day today was filled with shopping, cutting, spray painting, and more. The focus was completing many of the accessories for the 'instruments' - like valves for trumpets, a reed for the oboe, jingles for a tambourine, and headpieces for the string instruments. Here are some pictures of what the day looked like:

3" cardboard circles, Krylon Chrome finish spray paint

Imara transforming these into...

...jingles for the tambourine!
I think the tambourine is going to look great! I cannot wait to finish and show you the final result soon. Next were the headpieces for all of the string instruments. These will be strapped on to each violin, cello, and bass, but the first step was getting them ready, see here:
Tracing the scroll headpiece outline

Embarking on the lovely journey of cutting foam... a hint of sarcasm here!

Spraying the 20 headpieces brown

There will be more to come tomorrow, hopefully some finished pieces for all of you to see. 'Til then...


Costumes for the School Play - #1

This is the second year that I will be the costume committee manager for the Reagan Elementary school play! I grew up doing theater and clothing design, so making costumes is so much fun for me!! This year the play involves pretty elaborate costumes. Each student in the show will be playing the role of a musical instrument, which means they need to look semi-convincing as the instrument they are cast! That is my cue to enter... and the team that will be working with me should be assigned at some point this week, so we can get started. The show is in FOUR WEEKS! So, the rundown goes like this, appx 40 costumes, 4 weeks, hopefully two costume checkpoints and fittings, plus a full time job. Whew -- this is going to be a busy month!!

I will be meeting with one of the teachers this week to see what the costume directions are, but in the meantime I have been viewing some images online for inspiration. Check these out:

This is a lithograph of the Kingdom of Harmony:
Image from: Kingdom of Harmony Lithograph from Galerie Dramatique Costumes des Theatres de Paris
 How about this one...
Image from: www.blooloop.com
 Here are a couple of others for inspiration, to be tailored for a younger audience, of course!
Image from: www.craftster.org

Image from: www.craftster.org
So, stay tuned... I will be tracking this costume adventure and giving you the inside scoop as I go!



Tie Dye Fun!

Last weekend we had some real fun with tie dye! The Glam Girls, along with Kaden, the crafty 5 year old brother. And when I say crafty, I do not only mean with paint and glue! We set up shop in the backyard (no dyeing allowed in the house) and went to town tying and dying. Take a look at our creations from start to finish below. We used this tie dye: Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit™;  these dyes are always super easy to use with the best color quality, wash after wash!! Our fun, crafty Saturday looked like this:

Kaden adding color!

Kaden's shirt
Collette's shirt

Imara's shirt

Imara wearing her shirt to school!
(Kaden is wearing his in the background!)