Costumes for the School Play - #3

So, the costumes are coming right along! There is still quite a bit more to complete, but with a lot of the tedious things complete, I am thinking that the rest will move pretty quickly. I want to share some photos with you of the progress, so I hope you enjoy!

For the two girls playing the role of the flute, I made a simple A-Line dress out of satin in a silver color.

Next, I positioned the flute "keys" out of silver lame fabric where I thought they would belong. 

Lastly, I adhered the silver lame fabric to the satin using Aleene's Fabric Fusion

This is a picture of the piccolo that was made in the same fashion as the flute, but with black cotton as the base. Hanging from the neck is the silver lame headband that the student playing this role will wear. 

And here is a picture of the drum, gong, and tambourine:

I am finishing up the costumes for the students' playing the "violin" so I will add that tomorrow. Until then, stay crafty!!

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