Obsession with signs!

I am slightly obsessed with funny signs, strange signs, etc... I like to take pictures of interesting signs and have collected a few to share with you. In addition to my own pictures, I also saw some on Pinterest (another obsession of mine!) that I thought might make you giggle or go hmmm over. The stop sign and the 'window to the wall' sign were found on Pinterest.
Most of these I took in the UK and were quite interesting. Instead of yield, the signs said "Give Way", a term we had to get used to. Another one was a men's restroom for people walking down the street - you would never know it's there (especially since it was down through an underground staircase!)but there were these signs along the sidewalk identifying them. Or in London, a blue bin, not exactly a sign, but interesting nonetheless. Located by a mailbox and trash can, there was this big blue bin with the words "knife bin" on it. I never found out what that was for. If you have any idea, please clue me in! Anyway, I hope you enjoy, I know I did!