7:15 A.M. Crafting!

It is never to early in the day to start getting the creative juices going! Look at our glam girl Imara starting off her morning (7:15 A.M.) with a little bit of knitting. Wishing you all a "glam" day!!


Presents for Teachers! - Dying Silk Scarves

In thinking of holiday presents for teachers, you could go the normal route (which we usually do) with a coffee cup filled with treats or something of this sort. But this year, the kids wanted to something more handcrafted. So, we decided to share our ideas with you and hopefully inspire you to get crafty this season! Kaden (our crafty little guy) is in afternoon kindergarten this year. He wanted to make his teacher a dyed silk scarf, so we did just that!

You will need:

  • rectangular piece of fabric (we used 10" x 54"crinkled silk)
  • permanent fabric dye (we used Tulip One Step dyes in multiple colors)
  • paper towels
  • plastic surface cover (i.e. plastic table cover)
  1. Cover your surface. We usually work outside on the grass, just to make sure we do not dye anything in the house. 
  2. Lay down paper towels where your fabric will go. This will soak up dye under the fabric so it does not settle on the plastic and then soak back up in to the fabric.  

3. With gloves, add water to the dye bottles, shake well.
4. Wet the fabric with water and wring out excess. Apply dye where you want! 

5. Place fabric into a plastic ziploc bag and let sit for 4-6 hours. Then rinse well (until water runs clear.)

6. Let hang dry. For cotton and other fabrics it is okay to tumble dry, but since this was silk, we allowed it to dry on the hanger. 

7. Tah-Dah! Kaden's scarf is complete and ready to be wrapped for his teacher!

Hope you have fun making your own handcrafted teacher appreciation gifts this holiday season!

glam girl: Collette


Aleene's on TV!

I was watching the movie 'Made of Honor' on television, and you will never guess who made a cameo... Aleene's Clear Tacky Gel Glue! This made me so excited since Aleene's is one of the amazing brands that the company I work for, iLoveToCreate, is responsible for! It was featured on 'DVD on TV,' (on the FX channel) which is a show that you probably have seen. A quick run-down is, during breaks from the movie the hosts talk about the behind the scenes of what it was like making the movie and things of that nature. While they were showing 'Made of Honor,' they had a segment about hosting the best bachelorette party ever. A create-your-own favor table was shown - which is basically the next wave in the 'candy bar' favor making trend that has been going on for some time now. There were various candies on the table that partygoers could choose from for their favor bag, but there were also grown-up crafts that everyone could participate in. Like, glamming up a pair of basic sunglasses or supersizing the dazzle factor on tiaras. Featured as the adhesive of choice -- Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue!

I was so thrilled, I paused the television and had to snap some photos to share with you!

How fun is that?! I was very impressed! Of course, I know how amazing our products are, but to see it out there being recognized like that - Wow!