Imara's "Crafty" Election Campaign

Hey, Imara here!

So, a couple of weeks ago school started back up -- I am in 4th grade this year. Finally, I am an upper-grader!! Now that I am in 4th grade, there are so many activities that I can be involved in. Out of the many I am now doing (like cross country, the school play, etc) I want to talk about the school election that just ended. I ran for the office of Grounds and Safety Commissioner. What this position does is: Make sure the school property is clean, that we are doing our recycling, and announce the score or percentage of cleanliness at our school on the morning announcements. For my outfit on the day of the speeches, we made an outfit that showed it is fashionable to recycle! First, we made a skirt out of newspaper. We got some fabric and sewed it into a skirt. Then, we sewed newspaper on the fabric so it looked like it was made of just newspaper!! After that, we made a belt with cans. First, we got one of my belts, then we got a bunch (like 5) of soda cans and crushed them so they were flat. Lastly, we hot glued them onto the belt. And that is a soda can belt. This is the outfit I wore on Election Day where said my speech. I was so scared!! I thought I was going to faint! When they called my name I walked up and gave my speech without one mistake! When I was walking back to class everyone was saying, "Man, you did great!" or "I loved your skirt and your speech!" I was PROUD!! The next day on the announcements my principal said... "and the Grounds and Safety Commissioner is.......
                                                       IMARA !!!
                                           I WAS HAPPY!

Take a look at this picture of my fun outfit!

Here is a little bit of my speech. If you want to see the whole thing, then watch both videos - -my mom only had the regular camera so she had to stop the recording in order to zoom in... and it is a little shaky, but you'll get the idea!

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  1. Awww this was such a fun read. Congrats Imara! I love your outfit...craftiness does pay off!