Halloween Costume Ideas...for our dog Lexie

We are currently in search of the perfect Halloween costume for our dog, Lexie. Does anyone have a great dog costume they can tell us about?

Photo taken by Imara

Lexie joined our family last December, so this will be our first complete holiday season with her. Kicking off the season will be a night of trick-or-treating!! So, it goes without saying that she needs a costume of her own! I have never been one for dressing up animals, but I have to say, this dog has converted me to a pampering pooch kind of mom! It started with her sitting perfectly still during her daily brushing. Then, acting like an angel as the groomer would make bandanas and bows for her. When Lexie walked around with her lovely banadana, looking all modelesque and gaining "ohh's and ahh's" from everyone who saw her, I was completely converted.
Now to figuring out her Halloween costume... she looks really good in PINK, so maybe a princess or ballerina? Or something a little more comedic, like a skunk or hot dog?

Take a look at our Lexie and send us your thoughts. We will update you as we get a little closer to Halloween and select her costume!

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