From Desperate to GLAM - Thrift Store Headboard Makeover!!

As stated in a previous post, our goal is to completely redecorate Imara's room in the style of "world traveler who now lives at the beach..." and we scored another amazing deal to help bring this vision to life! At one of our favorite stores, ReStore, we found a beautiful twin sized birch colored headboard - solid wood, no scratches, and only $10! It was a light wood color, but it did not stay that way for long. And since is was only $10, I let Imara "go to town" and paint it however she wanted. Below shows the before (which is not the actual headboard, but it looked exactly like this) and the after of her handiwork! She did this really cool weathered look with a bright teal colored paint around the border, and then covered the rattan middle with a yellow-lime color. Continue looking down through the pictures and you can see how it is starting to look in her room... recognize those chairs from an earlier post? The bedding is temporary; we are still on the lookout for what will be her new bedcovers. Let us know what you think - does it match the theme we are going for? Do you have any interesting ideas on how to bring our vision to life? We would love to hear!

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