Awesome Home Made Watering Can!

by: glam girl Imara

A month ago, my mom, glam girl Collette, my little brother and I all went to Target to buy some stuff and then my little brother said," Let's go to the dollar section and get toys." So, my mom said yes and after all the shopping we finally went to that section. All Kaden and I bought was planting supplies and seeds. My mom was a little confused that we didn't go straight to the candy and toys but she still said we can get it. We got home and planted them and took care of them for so long until it was time to take them outside. But then we realized we didn't have a watering can. We didn't want to use the hose because it shoots out a little to much water. So, then an idea popped in my head. I ran inside and got a plastic cup and then I got my scissors a poked little holes into the bottom of the cup and then went outside.I turned on the watering hose and poured the water inside the cup. Now, it poured a great amount of water.
Make sure you have an adults permission before poking holes.
Now there are hole at the bottom of the cup 

-glam girl Imara