Cooking with a Glam Girl!

Hey everyone! It's glam girl Imara, and I wanted to share something with you. In addition to loving crafts, I guess you can say I love all things that are creative. Which leads me to what I want to share with you. I love to cook! My mom cooks great things and is teaching me little by little - I say she should go on Top Chef, but she thinks she should be on Worst Cooks in America! She says this because she thinks she is good at following recipes, but cannot make one up from scratch! Either way, she teaches me a little, and then lets me get in there and try it myself (with her supervision of course.)

The other morning while she was still asleep, I really wanted to make her something special but I knew I could not use the stove unless she was there. So, I thought creatively about what I could make since I did not want to wake her up for just a bowl of cereal!  Here is a picture of what I made - looks delicious right?! I even made her a cup of coffee, that definitely brought a smile to my mom's face! She says it was yummy and healthy; it filled her with so much energy she couldn't wait to get started on the day.

Hopefully soon, I will share some of my recipes and cooking adventures with you on my own kids cooking blog... who know, maybe I will be a top chef one day and you too will get to eat my food. Well, that is all for now!

~ glam girl Imara

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