Jungle Baby Room - Wall Art

by: glam girl Collette


My sister-in-law is due to deliver her baby boy any day now! She and her husband are torn between two different themes: jungle and airplanes. Jungle was her favorite, but the new daddy is a pilot making the decision quite difficult to make.  I thought I should step in and help them bridge the two themes into one that would satisfy both of their desires! Many themes can be combined cohesively, and here are a couple of simple guidelines to help you:

  • mute the color palette and/or make sure the colors stay similar 
  • add the additional theme by outfitting the room with accessories
  • identify something similar in the looks and make that the 'punchline'
I combined their two ideas and came up with a safari! Taking the jungle theme and adding in classic airplanes, aviator googles, and sepia tones, I think it came across well. You take a look and let me know! The ultimate judge will be here in two weeks, and I will be patiently awaiting his wonderful smile!

I purchased pre-matted frames at Joann (only $6.25 each) and found some cool prints for free online.   I just printed them out and I was ready to get creating!

Tah-dah!! Four fabulous frames of art for only $25!

Here is a paper mache letter from Joann for $10. I also bought some fabric and trim. 

I cut the fabric out around the letter, then attached it with tape as I "basted" it to the form. 

I added some felt to cover the back and used a staple gun to attach the ribbon.
A quick and simple safari themed letter!

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  1. Great job! I absolutely love it! Thanks for the great ideas!!
    Love you.....Dina